Let's help strays get a chance!

Together we can give each of them a chance! We've never needed you more... Association Beta Zajecar has changed the lives of many paws. With your help, we have treated, fed and cared for a very large number of animals in these 13 years. We didn't let them surrender...


However, since a year and a half ago, we cannot help as much as we would like, because we have fallen into very large debts for food and veterinary expenses. Those debts exceed 2,000,000 dinars (17,100e). Because of those debts, many animals on the street are hungry, many who need help... are not taken care of.


Help us to give each of them a chance...

Cilj projekta

Our goal is to collect 500,000 dinars (4300e) by December 20.

Is there enough of us?


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